Funeral Services at Grand American Ballroom

The troubling times of losing a loved one can be trying and difficult.

Grand American Ballroom is here to offer the compassion and attentive care you deserve. We are happy to provide you with funeral services for wakes, visitations, viewings, or any event in remembrance of your loved one.

How Our Ballroom Can Accommodate The Occasion

A beautiful and meaningful funeral service can make all the difference in helping grieving families through the pain of losing a loved one. This can help them toward the path of healing and acceptance. Traditionally, funerals are held in Churches or Funeral Homes. However, our beautifully decorated ballroom is able to host large families for the funeral services of their loved one. We are more than happy to offer any additional accommodations you may desire. We are also here to offer any support, compassion, hope, love and understanding during the troubling time in your lives. We are happy to serve all types of religious, non-religious and faith-based ceremonies.

Types of Funeral Services We Offer

While we can not offer burial and/or cremation services. We are more than happy to help your family in the following pre and post burial services.


While visitations are most often held at a funeral home. We are happy to host a visitation for the family of the deceased. Here the family will be able to say their final good byes, which allows closure and the healing process to begin.


After a burial, it is customary to have a reception. A reception or gathering is an event where loved ones can gather. Here they will drink, eat and celebrate the life of the deceased. A reception is a good opportunity for people to spend time together and remember the person who has passed away.